Weighing in on the Debate: Why Do Economists Urge College but Not Marriage?

by Barbara Ray

A debate is bubbling up about why economists focus on college as an earnings boost and not marriage, sparked by Megan McArdle at the Daily Beast, Pascal Emmanuel-Gobry at Fortune, and economist Bryan Caplan . When economist talk about options for… More



Knot Yet What? How to Build Stronger Families

by June Carbone and Naomi Cahn

When we read about what is happening to the twenty-somethings at the heart of Knot Yet our first thoughts are of two couples we know who illustrate the patterns we have found in  our research on contemporary families. The first,… More



Ricky’s Story: Disillusioned about Marriage but Still Striving toward It

by David Lapp

This post first appeared at Family Scholars Why are Middle Americans delaying marriage? I come at this question as a person who, along with my wife, Amber Lapp, has been interviewing high school and college-educated young adults, ages 19-35, about… More