Weekend Recap: All Things Marriage

by Barbara Ray

With gay marriage in the news this last week, marriage is a hot topic. Several smart articles over the weekend offer good food for thought about the institution of marriage. We recap a few here. Tracy Clark-Flory in “Will Gays… More



Ricky’s Story: Disillusioned about Marriage but Still Striving toward It

by David Lapp

This post first appeared at Family Scholars Why are Middle Americans delaying marriage? I come at this question as a person who, along with my wife, Amber Lapp, has been interviewing high school and college-educated young adults, ages 19-35, about… More



Brookings’ Event Recap: The Future of Marriage in the U.S.

by Barbara Ray

    If you missed today’s debate at the Brookings Institution, hosted by its Center on Children and Families, about the findings of the “Knot Yet” report, you missed a lively back and forth. I’ll try to recap it here.… More



Early Marriage and Life Satisfaction

by Barbara Ray

By now it’s no surprise that young adults are delaying marriage. Somewhere around 1980, the age of marriage started to creep up. Not surprisingly, that delay corresponded with increasing education levels of women and the declining opportunities for working-class men… More