Keeping Young Fathers Involved with Their Children

by Barbara Ray

How do we keep young fathers involved in their children’s lives? As ample research has shown, many young men are in the delivery room when their child is born. Yet five years later, the number of involved fathers has dwindled. A father’s involvement… More



What Men Talk about When They Talk about Love and Marriage

by Barbara Ray

  I recently reread the short story by Raymond Carver “What We Talk about When We Talk about Love” (originally titled “Beginners” which is apt here.) I’d just interviewed two very different young men in their 20s about marriage, relationships,… More



Weekend Recap: All Things Marriage

by Barbara Ray

With gay marriage in the news this last week, marriage is a hot topic. Several smart articles over the weekend offer good food for thought about the institution of marriage. We recap a few here. Tracy Clark-Flory in “Will Gays… More



What “Girls” Says about Relationships Today

by Kay Hymowitz

When we started working on “Knot Yet” about a year ago, HBO’s “Girls” was just starting its first season. At the time it struck me as the Recession era sequel to “Sex and the City,” grittier of course, but still… More